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Autor: Bošnjaci.Net
Objavljeno: 26. July 2009. 19:07:08
Postavljanje komentara na priloge je trenutno suspendovano.

Mirsada Begovic (2009-08-03 16:03:18)
PRIVATIZOVANI UNDOP-u MAFIJA BIZNIS otvoreno radi sa srbocrnogorskim cetnickim i ustaskim agresorima koji su pocili Holokoust u nasoj Drzavi BiH.


Sve pohvale i priznanja najvecem Bosnjaku u RBiH Gospodinu Fatmiru ALISPAHICU !

Bosnjacka Dijaspora iz cijelog Svijeta

za radna mjesta B[AND]H

u prevodu [Bosna](kraj) zavrsi sa [Hercegovinom]

Vacancies in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Consultant: International Evaluation, Bosnia and Herzegovina

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Closing Date: Wednesday, 29 July
PM BiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina
CESVI - Cooperazione e Sviluppo Onlus (CESVI) Closing Date: Friday, 31 July
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Thomas Mueller
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Zeljko Zizak
Zivoslav Lj Tesi�
Zoran M Miodragovi�
Zorica D Jurani�

1.PM BiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Closing Date: Friday, 31 July 2009
More jobs by tag: Agricultural Cooperatives; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Computer
Literacy; ERP; Living Conditions; Local Development; Logistics; Procurement;
Project Activities; Project Management; Project Manager; Public Law;
Reconstruction; Revolving Funds; Technical Support; Water Management

CESVI - Cooperazione e Sviluppo Onlus (CESVI)
Closing date: 31 Jul 2009
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina - Breza

• 6 months, renewable

• University degree
• At least 2 years experience in managing projects, operations and staff in
an international environment

• Good analytical, report writing and budgeting skills
• Excellent interpersonal skills including communication and diplomacy
• Knowledge of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs rules and procedures
• Public purchasing and contracting principles and practices
• Ability to plan work and set priorities
• Excellent inter-personal, negotiation and team leading skills
• Excellent spoken and written Italian
• Excellent spoken and written English
• Basic/good knowledge of the local language. Basic/good knowledge of the
B[AND]H language will be considered a favourable asset
• Previous experience in BiH
• Computer literacy in Microsoft Office Programmes


Cesvi has been operating in B[AND]H over the last 15 years with several
projects tackling different sectors, first emergency and then development.

The project �Breza Cooperation and Development:
Support Local Initiatives for Reconstruction and Development� is co-financed
by the Italian MFA and run by a consortium of 2 NGOs, Cesvi as an implementing
partner and Re.Te. as leading agency. The project aims at reducing poverty in
the Municipality of Breza and reinforcing the existing counterparts
(Municipality, agricultural cooperatives, youth and women centers and others).
15 are the total local counterparts and Cesvi co-project manager will have to
deal with the following: 2 agricultural cooperatives (+ 2 agricultural
associations), 1 youth center and 2 associations dealing with own revolving
funds for women and work invalids.

General objective:

The overall objective is to improve living conditions of the most vulnerable
groups in Breza through the support to local initiatives and local development.

Specific objectives:

1. Increase of job opportunities for invalids, women, young people, farmers and
unemployed people through initiatives in the micro-credit, agriculture, waste
and fashion sectors as well as the creation of a centre for work orientation.
2. Improvement of the educational system in the scientific and environmental

Direct beneficiaries:

• 20 families of the cooperatives using the packaging center;
• 20 members of the cooperatives trained;
• 200 farmers using the packaging center;
• 36 women/invalids/young people employed in the greenhouses;
• 6 members of the cooperatives trained on the management of the packaging
• Waste and water:
• 10 persons trained on the management of waste collection;
• 200 employees of the JKP benefiting from training;
• 10 associations (ca. 2.000 members) involved in the seminar for waste
collection and use of water;
• 4 persons of JKP trained on the water management.

• 36 teachers trained on new didactic methods;
• 50 students involved in the project idea about the park;
• ca. 3.200 citizens of Breza using the scientific-educational park.
• Women, invalids and young people:
• 12 women trained on the production of fashion dresses;
• 39 women involved in the preparation of the fashion dresses;
• 100 invalids and women benefiting from the revolving funds;
• 100 young people finding a job through the Work Orientation Center;
• 10 young people / month trained on EU_CV writing;
• 50 young unemployed people using the services of the Work Orientation
Center per month;
• 3 young people of the local counterpart employed in the Work Orientation
• Indirect beneficiaries:
• 16.000 inhabitants of the Municipality of Breza.

• The collaboration will start on September 2009.
• The main duty station will be Breza with frequent travels to Sarajevo,
Zenica and the neighbouring Municipalities.
• The person will report to the Project Coordinator, the Country
Representative and the HQs Desk Officer.

Main tasks

Project Management:
• Draw up activity, administrative and financial planning
• Ensure the correct implementation of the activities
• Undertake regular field visits
• Assist in the execution of the project, ensuring that appropriate
accountability mechanisms are followed
• Monitor and implement the project activities respecting the Italian MFA
procedures, the B[AND]H law and rules and the NGOs internal rules
• Contribute to the office logistics and project archive (registration of the
project documentation)
• Report on a timely basis to the HQs and the donor (activity plan,
state-of-the-art of the project, implementation of the project, final report and
final hand over)
• Participate in the elaboration of eventual no-cost extensions and changes
requested in the frame of the activity implementation
• Supervise the procurement procedures (supplies, services and works) in
accordance with the donor�s and the NGO�s rules and with the B[AND]H public
• Provide technical support and advice to the local staff.

Staff management:
• Supervise and support the local staff
• Assist staff in setting clear work goals and objectives.

External Relations:
• Represent Cesvi towards the donor, stakeholders, local authorities, local
and national NGOs within the project
• Participate in relevant external meetings, conferences and workshops
• Ensure appropriate project and NGO�s visibility.
How to apply
To apply, please, visit this page:
Reference Code: RW_7RZHDM-1
Source: Reliefweb

2. Consultant: International Evaluation, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Closing Date: WedneSDAy, 29 July 2009
More jobs by tag: Area-Based Development; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Development
Assistance; Displaced Persons; Economic Development; Economic Growth;
Effectiveness; Female-headed Households; Human Rights; Local Development;
Programme Implementation; Programme Management; Public Services; Reconstruction;
Refugees; Regional Development; Rules and Regulations; Social Capital

Location : Foca, BosniA AND HERZEGOVINA
Application Deadline : 29-Jul-09
Type of Contract : SSA
Languages Required : English
Starting Date :
(date when the selected canditate is expected to start) 01-Sep-2009
Duration of Initial Contract : 20 working days
Expected Duration of Assignment : 20 working days
Refer a Friend Apply Now
The Upper Drina basin, and its principal towns of Foca and Gorazde, is a region
devastated by the war and now bisected by the inter-entity boundary line. The
area continues to struggle with difficult community relations and a weak
economy. In spite of some recent political progress, the divisions are
deep-seated and many local communities are among the most deprived in BiH.
The challenges are most pronounced in the Republika Srpska municipalities,
where political obstruction promoted by hard-line forces has locked the area out
of international development assistance and isolated it from the economic
mainstream. The region as a whole is also peripheral to regional and national
market places. The core economic problems are thus a product of political as
well as geographical remoteness. Moreover, the severity of deprivation
intensifies as these twin forms of isolation are heightened, with the worst hit
municipalities being those within the mountainous hinterlands of the Eastern
Republika Srpska.
These arguments, along with country-wide benefits accruing from improved
political and social cohesion in Bosnia and Herzegovina?s most politically
charged region, provide the rationale for the three year area-based development
programme outlined in the project initiation document. The components of which
• Institutionalisation of good governance practices; ensuring respect for
human rights and participation in decision-making processes and so promoting
regional and national cohesion.
• Revitalization of the local economy; facilitating sustainable economic
growth, via the creation of employment opportunities and making better use of
physical, human and social capitals.
• Rehabilitation of public infrastructure; alleviating hardship and reducing
vulnerability through improved transport communications, better access to public
services and the reconstruction of housing.
Implementation will be grounded in experience gained from UNDP?s successful
Srebrenica Regional Recovery Programme, Rights-based Municipal Development
Programme (RMAP) and Support to Results-based Approach (SUTRA). Management and
governance of the programme will adopt participatory methods and a rights-based
approach. Interventions will also seek to bring together the efforts of other
relevant UN Agencies.
Under the direct guidance and supervision of the Area based Development
Portfolio Manager, the International Evaluation Consultant provides technical
services ensuring high quality, accuracy and consistency of work. The
International Evaluation Consultant promotes a client-oriented approach
consistent with UNDP?s rules and regulations. The International Evaluation
Consultant works in close collaboration with the programme?s staff and
stakeholders to exchange information and assess development priorities. The
consultancy will be performed in the Upper Drina Valley.
It is anticipated that twenty (20) in situ consultancy days beginning in
September 2008, will be required in order to carry out the functions. The
consultant?s confidentiality on all information disclosed by all respondents
(internal and external) will be required. UNDP BiH will retain ownership over
the report.
Proposed Methodology or Evaluation Approach
The international evaluation consultant will be required to review the
UNDP/Upper Drina Regional Development Programme (UDRDP) Project Document, UDRDP
annual and semi-annual reports and other relevant documentation. The briefing
kit will be prepared by the UNDP/UDRDP. The international evaluation consultant
will meet with the key Country Office (CO) staff for initial briefing as well as
at the end of their assignment to provide debriefing and discuss findings.
The international evaluation consultant will interview the UNDP personnel to
gaininsight on their experiences and practices in the day-to-day implementation
of the programme. The final evaluation will be done in accordance with the
guidelines outlined in the UNDP Programming Manual. A copy of the Manual will be
provided to the evaluation consultant during their stay in country.
Most importantly through field visits, the final evaluation mission should meet
with the representatives of various UNDP/UDRDP target groups, beneficiaries,
partner organizations and all other stakeholders to assess the programme
performance and its modalities. The evaluator should also meet with key
representatives of other agencies active in the Upper Drina region to assess
their cooperation and level of synergies with UNDP/UDRDP.
The international evaluation consultant should also meet with the appropriate
sub-national and central level counterparts in the Republika Srpska Ministry for
Refugees and Displaced Peoples and the State Ministry of Human Rights and
Refugees. In addition, the international evaluation consultant should visit
current key donor partners located in Sarajevo in order to collect their views
about the programme and its relevance within the current Bosnian context.
Process and Management
The UNDP/UDRDP Final Evaluation will be undertaken by one independent
evaluation consultant. The consultant should be preferably a Development
Economist with a strong background in rural/local development and rights-based
Prior to their arrival, the evaluation?s itinerary, work plan and timetable
will be prepared in collaboration between the UNDP/UDRDP and the consultant. The
consultant will coordinate closely with the Social Inclusion Cluster
Coordinator, the UDRDP Programme Management Specialist and the UNDP/UDRDP?s
Capital Expenditure and Economic Development Associates.
The report will be prepared by the international evaluation consultant. It
should highlight recommendations for improvement and strengthening of the
programme?s performance framework in regards to human rights and equitable
access to its set of the interventions. These recommendations should aim at
supporting the design of the UDRDP Phase II.
Before the end of the evaluation mission, the international evaluation
consultant will submit a draft report to both the UNDP Country Office and
UNDP/UDRDP and present his/her findings to relevant stakeholders during a field
level workshop. From this stakeholders? feedback workshop, their comments and
suggestions will be incorporated into the final version of the report and
submitted once again to the UNDP Country Office and UNDP/UDRDP for clearance.

kAHFOPIJA (2009-08-03 05:53:00)
Ne mislim da su fratri (ko danas slusa fratre) krivi sto je hrvatska mladez u bosni ne socijalo i nacionalisticki orijentisana. Neverejum da cak ni obicni sveceninici imaju mnogo udela u tome. Niti mladez ide u crkvu niti slusa sta svecenici pricaju. Cak i da su svecenici jako probosanski raspolozeni to nece mnogo promjeniti.
Razlozi su mnogo teze lecivi i mnogo dublji. Ali sve se moze izleciti ako starije generacije pocnu da misle o tome.

huso75000 (2009-08-03 05:38:50)
Mora se imati odgovor na vrijeme na ovo i od četnika i ustaša.Bošnjaci su još slijepi a "politička bošnjačka" elita je sama radi sebe i u "partnerskom odnosu sa četnicima i ustašama" već od 1990
Mujo (2009-07-28 08:11:44)
Idioti su nasi domaci katolici- bosanski katolici.- Toliko su glupi i jadni da je to mucno. Uopste im (bosanskim katolicima) nije jasno kako ih razni fratri iskoristavaju od malih nogu pa sve dok nenapuste ovaj svijet i usele u pakao koji su im isti ponudili.
Oci imaju a nevide, usi imaju a necuju - mozak imaju ali im neradi, te su, primorani da rade programirano od drugih fasistickih mozgova koji mrze cak i sami sebe a ne samo nas.-Kako im samo nije jasno da su ih muslimani i bosnjaci, sto je i dokazano i evidentirano branili i odbranili od cetnika koji su imali namjeru da ih zbrisu s lica zemlje. Zar u njihovim jedinicama nije bilo vise od 90% bosnjaka, cak se navode podatci da je od sveg personala u jednom bataljonu jedino starjesinski kadar bio fasisticki tj. katolicki.
Kako to neznaju cijeniti, samo taj podatak im govori da im muslimani nikad nisu bili neprijatelji,- sto nije slucaj sa cetnicima i ustasama koji su ubijali cak i svoje.
Zar Alija Izetbegovic nije mogao pristati uz Milosevica kada je to od njega trazeno prilikom agresije na Hrvatsku?-Naravno da je mogao sto bi i svaki "Ne´covjek" u takvoj opasnoj situaciji i uradio- medutim, rahmetli Alija, vjernik i rodoljub je to odbio obrazlazuci to rijecima da smo mi svi dojucerasnje komsije i da nema smisla za rat i agresiju na jedan narod...-Katolici su nam zbog toga zahvalili na svoj nacin ( progonima, hapsenjima, ubijanjima, genocidom i svim sto ne pristaje jednom humanom i velikom narodu kakav oni nikad nisu bili).A Bosna i pravi Bosnjaci, Bosanci su u historiji opjevani i spomenuti kao veliki ljudi, humanisti, neustrasivi borci, i pouzdane komsije.

Svakom neka njegov obraz sluzi na cast, a mi se nemamo cega stidjeti ni pred Bogom ni pred narodom; niti smo ciju crkvu (koja bi trebala biti Bozija kuca u kojoj se slavi samo Njegovo-Bozije ime a ne poligon za sirenje mrznje i fasizma) unistili niti obescastili i opoganili, a nismo "fala Bogu" ni Katolike u njima zive spaljivali kao sto su to oni nama radili i dan danas se toga ne stide vec i dalje pogano izazivaju i traze zla, a zaboravljaju da i mi imamo granice koje nebi trebali dirati i uzurpirati jer kada neduznom covjeku prekipi i kada ga pocne daviti u grlu i prsima moze biti svasta, a fasizam je davno propala stvar od koje koristi imaju samo neprijatelji Boga i postenih ljudi na svim stranama.

bosnjak-101 (2009-07-27 20:25:19)

nista novo jos jedno pokazivanje nemoci od hrvata , posto imaju vec putovnice vrijeme je i njima da krenu put lijepe njihove.steta sto se general Sefer Halilovic smijeni i sto nasa vlast u srcu rata pokaza opet nas jebeni merhamet, dajte vlast hercegovcima i sandzaklijama a bosanci neka ohanu malo neka uzmu koju porciju cevapa nece biti ni ustasa niti cetnika u Bosni i Hercegovini.

velic75 (2009-07-27 18:07:46)
I SRBI I HRVATI Ahmed.F. Me (2009-07-27 11:42:26)
Da li ce konac ove godine poluciti kraj svih agonija ove napacene zemlje?

Zvornik (2009-07-27 08:56:31)
Sve pohvale i priznanja najvecem Bosnjaku u BiH Gospodinu Fatmiru ALISPAHICU !
Samo tako nastavite cijenjeni brate,te vase silne tribine su pravi metak u celo svim genocidasima i hrvatskim i srpskim !
Ovakva Bosna sigurno nece ostati pa po cijenu da niko ni hljeba nejma,znaci prvo cista nasa Bosna bez ruskih cigana ,karavlaha,
naroda od dzavoljeg vladike,ustasa i svih drugih pedera i domacih izdajnika kojih nije mali broj !
Poruka tkz.hravatima u Prozoru,ustasama prve klase :
Islam nije moda on moze da ceka !!

kAHFOPIJA (2009-07-27 01:23:27)
Videcemo koliko ce kabadahija biti uhapseno, posto policiji nije tesko da ustanove identitet organizatora napada jer je Prozor malo mesto i svi se znaju.
Po tome ce se videti kuda ide Federacija, a samim tim i BiH.

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